Rekonga - Electric 12-Tongue Pro Series

Rekonga - Electric 12-Tongue Pro Series

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We hand select each of our Professional Rekonga models to ensure the absolute best sounds and tones for your stage, concert, studio, and jam performances!

The Rekonga Tongue drum is like having a portable set of congas. The Rekonga mimics the sounds and tones of the conga (and marimba). Imagine 12 conga-type sounds and notes on a single instrument. But wait! When you plug in the Rekonga, every part of the drums surface is amplified—the Rekonga gives you 20+ distinct tones.

Our unique electric Rekonga drum brings our amazing percussion instrument to the next level, producing a wide-range of distinct notes and tones along the length of each tongue.

Since the electric Rekonga amplifies every surface on the drum, it gives you an incredible opportunity for truly unlimited variation and improvisation!

That was my dream, as a conga player, to create an instrument that would sound like a variation on the conga, be portable, and allow me to play using mallets. Our mallets are all hand-dipped in rubber and tipped with a pure-gum rubber ball.

Specs ---

Amplification:  You can plug in any standard 1/4" jack to hear a clear, crisp sound.

Dimensions:  Length 17 1/8" x Width 10 3/4" x Height 6 1/2"

Tops: include mainly reclaimed redwood*                  
Body: sugar maple, white with reddish-brown hues
Mallets: birch and natural gum rubber